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Why use Dr Giorgini vitamin or mineral supplements?

Are supplements really necessary?
Can't you get all your nutrients from food alone?

The purpose of food supplements is to enrich our diet with all the vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain the well-being of our body.

For this reason, if you are in good health and following a varied and balanced diet, you will probably not need a supplement, unless you are in particular conditions of increased need for nutrients like, for example:

  • children in the growth phase
  • the elderly
  • women during pregnancy or when having periods
  • people in periods of stress
  • overwork
  • intense physical activity
  • or other.

What is exactly the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of a substance?

Let us first dispel a false belief: the 100% of the RDA does not indicate, as many believe, the maximum daily amount to be taken, but it is indeed the dose needed to meet the minimum daily requirement of our body.
The 100% of the RDA is therefore the minimum ratio to be taken in order to prevent serious nutritional deficiencies for our health.

Why take a supplement of vitamin C instead of drinking an orange juice?

Let's look at an example to clarify the concept and understand why, in some cases, vitamin supplements may prove useful.

The average amount of vitamin C in orange juice is only 50 mg per 100 ml (value taken from: the USDA, Nutritive Value of Common Units in American Food, Agriculture Handbook, no. 456).
Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which is not accumulated by the body and which, therefore, must be taken every day to ensure the perfect state of health.
To achieve the 100% of the RDA of vitamin C (80 mg), you should drink 160 ml of orange juice, an amount roughly equivalent to a glass full to the brim.
So, if we "make do" with the minimum amount, we can simply drink a daily glass of orange juice.

But if we wanted to take the maximum intake of vitamin C established by the Ministry of Health for food supplements, corresponding to the 1250% of the RDA (1000 mg), we should consume about 2 litres of orange juice every day. And to get so much juice we would need about 16 oranges!
A simple calculation based on orange price per kilo, will be sufficient to make us understand how expensive this choice would be.

Dr gioprgini DOG ROSE powder instead, contains an extract titrated at 50% of vitamin C; therefore, the 100 g format contains 100 doses of 500 mg of this vitamin (the equivalent of the content of about 100l of orange juice!).
We could apply the same calculation made for vitamin C to any other vitamin, mineral salt or nutrient.

In conclusion, we can say that a rich and varied diet is undoubtedly important to stay healthy. However, in some situations of increased need of vitamins and nutrients (or in all cases of unbalanced nutrition), the introduction of specific products can be extremely useful.

To explore this topic more, read or download the following pdf document:

Why use vitamin or mineral supplements?








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